Rocky Mountain National Park

Official US National Park Service Map and Brochure

To celebrate the park's centennial, Rocky Mountain National Park staff requested a new version of their park map and brochure.

For the main map, my goal was to present the park's topography and three primary ecosystems—montane, subalpine, and alpine—in a naturalistic way while still maintaining clarity and legibility as a general driving/touring map and accuracy and usability as a large-scale trail map.

  • Landcover is a combination of NLCD Landcover and NLCD Percent Tree Canopy data sets, with hypsometric tints applied to hint at drier, pine-dominated montane forests at lower elevations that transition to wetter, subalpine forests at higher elevations; and slight faux-3D texturing of the tree layer for added realism.
  • Topography is the result of artfully merging 10m and 30m DEMs, hillshades and texture shades rendered from each, and hand-painted elements.

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