Death Valley National Park

Official US National Park Service Map and Brochure

My team started the design process with a long trip to Death Valley, a 20+ year resident ranger as our guide. We needed all the days and guiding we could get, because this park is big (the largest national park-designated NPS unit in the lower 48!), diverse, and complex.

From dry canyons to snow-capped peaks, sand dunes to salt flats, I came to deeply appreciate the rugged, otherworldy, surprisingly intricate beauty of Death Valley. I wanted this map to convey as much of what I learned as possible and draw users in with its pure aesthetic beauty.

  • Landcover is a combination of hillshade- and texture shade-generated illumination; hypsometric tints; faux 3D dunes generated from LIDAR data from a dune migration study; tree canopy from NLCD Percent Tree Cover data; and satellite imagery brushed in where needed to show erosional patterns and salt flat extents.
  • Since this is an incredibly dry landscape, I removed all intermittent streams from the map, leavning only hydrologic labels to indicate the dry channels that can quickly become inundated during rare but heavy rains.

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