Atlas of Yellowstone

The first comprehensive atlas of a U.S. national park

The first park I lived and worked in was Yellowstone. It's where I met my first big mountains, cut my Western US hiking and backpacking teeth, learned to interact with North American species locally extinct in most of the Lower 48. In many ways, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is my home wilderness—one to which I dream of returning some day.

So it felt like nothing short of a miracle when, while earning my M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, I was offered a position on the Atlas of Yellowstone, the first comprehensive atlas of a US national park.

As part of this project, I:

  • Worked with authors, researchers, and park service staff to turn rigorous data into engaging stories for the general public.
  • Designed and created maps, bird's eye views, and data graphics.
  • Crafted page layouts.
  • Completed many of the tasks of taking a book to print, including indexing.

I'm honored to have been able to meaningfully contribute to the understanding and preservation of the Greater Yellowstone Area.

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